The Squid are Here!

Squid are amongst us (and have always been).

It’s just a matter of getting out there to hunt for these morsels. Lately we’ve has been out targeting these creatures.

The most effective way to target these delicious critters is called eging, where you cast a jig and continuously flick it, working the lower third of the water column.

The lures used imitate a shrimp which is why the twitching/flicking action is needed to attract them.

Things to look for when you are targetting squid are clear water, seaweed and a bit of rock structure. The current plays a big part in certain places and determines the size of squid jig that is used at the time.

A simple softbait combo, light braid, good fluro leader and a few jigs is all you need to get started. When you decide you want to target them more frequent, then a proper squid setup will make it all difference.

Tight lines

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